Venue: Agrimax

Area of interest: agricultural and industrial biotech

Type of activity: workshop

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This one-day stakeholder workshop will develop business models for new supply chains to valorise agricultural and food-processing waste.

Inviting farmers, agricultural cooperatives, food producers, investors and other interested stakeholders, we will use the business model canvas to map existing and innovative ways to create, deliver and capture value for the new supply chains being developed by the Agrimax project.

The outcomes from this stakeholder workshop will complement a review of best practice for circular (bio)economy business models as well as analysing the market and regulatory environment to ensure the innovative business models will be successful.

What is the Agrimax project?

Four new agri-value chains from waste

An EU-funded project, Agrimax will demonstrate the potential of residues and by-products from the processing of tomatoes, olives, cereals and potatoes. The project will maximise the EU’s sustainability, while providing new bio-based compounds for the chemicals, food-packaging and farming sectors.

Flexible, multi-feedstock pilot processing plants

Two pilot processing plants (biorefineries) in Spain and Italy will use unavoidable waste from cereals, olives, potatoes and tomatoes. An online platform to coordinate the provision of waste will help maximise the use of these pilot plants throughout the year.

Cascade of high-value, bio-based products

By applying multiple processes to these waste streams, a cascade of new, bio-based compounds will be produced with applications in:

  • packaging (bio-polymers, bio-composites, bio-based coatings, active packaging, stabilising agents)
  • food (additives, ingredients, natural flavourings, edible coatings, microbial growth media)
  • agricultural materials (biodegradable pots, mulching films, bio-fertilisers)

End users will test these products to validate their cost effectiveness and performance. Any remaining biomass will be used for biogas or returned to the land for soil enrichment.

Co-operative routes to commercialisation

Along with assessments of the environmental, social and economic sustainability of this approach, the project will develop business models for its full-scale commercial adoption by agricultural cooperatives.

Organizer: Agrimax