Venue: Francavilla Fontana (BR), Sala comunale del Castello Imperiale, Via Municipio, 16

Area of interest: healthcare biotech

Type of activity: Labs/training

More info:

The classification of type 1 Diabetes in children has been completely changed according to the presence of inherited, non–autoimmune forms together with the autoimmune one (DMT1). This multifaceted landscape has important implications in therapeutic choices, in the educational approach and in the patient adherence. Recombinant insulin analogs, insulin pumps, and newer devices for home monitoring have drastically improved the ability to control glucose concentrations in patients who have diabetes. Thanks to the biotechnologies, individuals affected by DMT1 can be provided with personalized targeted treatments improving the management of the disease and their quality of life. The aim of this project is to make children understand the nature of their disease in a simple and funny way, trying to eliminate as much as possible the discomfort they experience in feeling “different” from other children. The intervention is something like an “educational fantastic show” where their syringe and pen, together with all health professionals involved in their care and their families will become superheroes who come to save them, making them feel a little bit superheroes too. All procedures children have to undergo can become something to talk to and with, something that make them healthier rather than “different”.

Organizer: Sifo, Area Informazione Scientifica, Educazione e Informazione Sanitaria