When: 25 September 2017, 2pm

Where: CEBB
3 Rue des Rouges Terres
51110 Pomacle

What: The European Center of Biotechnology and Bioeconomy (CEBB) is developing a unique methodology covering the whole bioeconomy value chain from the initial processing of biomass to end products, through continuous multidisciplinary dialogue between industry and researchers. The CEBB will organise a report back session on the work and research performed by its researchers on the complementary competencies for wheat bran valorisation. This research seminar will demonstrate all the bio-economic potential of wheat bran, a local by-product. Click here for more information.


2 PM: Welcome address and introduction
2:30 PM: Nicolas BEFORT & Robin GODARD, “Valorisation of byproducts in a bioeconomy; an economic assessment of potential conflict between users and uses”
3 PM: Caroline REMOND, “ValBran: the valorisation of wheat bran into surfactant molecules”
3:30 PM: Julien LEMAIRE, “Purification of pentoses from wheat bran hydrolysates without neutralization for sulfuric acid recovery”
4 PM: Florent ALLAIS, “Enzymatic extraction of ferulic acid from wheat bran and its valorisation into high value-added (macro)molecules”
4:30 PM: Testimonies of industrial and discussion
5:30 PM: Closing address and cocktail reception

As space is limited only registered participants will be admitted: contact@cebb-innovation.eu