European Biotech Week is an annual celebration of biotechnology through events and public outreach activities taking place across Europe. This year organisers expect initiatives in at least 19 European countries. The week’s highlight will take place in a state of the art expo inside the European Parliament, hosted by Slovenian MEP Franc Bogovič. The expo will feature, among other cool displays, a bio-based home and plant breeding exhibition, and a virtual reality exploration of healthcare biotechnology.

The expo can be visited in the European Parliament’s ASD 3D area (near bar forum, 3rd floor) from Monday to Thursday during the European Biotech Week. Access the expo’s poster here or read the schedule below:

  • The whole week | Bio-based home and plant breeding exhibition | Virtual reality exploration of healthcare biotech
  • 26/09 | 12:30 | Opening ceremony and networking lunch
  • 26/09 | 13:00 | Room A3E-2 | ‘Food Evolution’ movie clip showing & debate with filmmaker – hosted by MEP Christofer Fjellner
  • 26/09 | 15:00 | Book signing session with Borut Bohanec, co-author of Yes to GMOs!
  • 27/09 | 18:30 | BBI JU Biobased show and cocktail reception